Goodbye LeRoy Airport 5G0: Hangar
Planes parked in tie-down area. Welcome to LeRoy Airport Sign

Antenna 122.8 (Unicom)

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021
Fuel Type: 100LL
Self Serve $4.39
Airport Services


Hangar space is available!  Also, heated hangar space $150.00 per night if available.

Monthly Rates: Older Hangars $230.00 - $255.00, New hangars: $290.00 - $345.00. Community hangars small single $320.00, medium single/twin $375.00-$450.00 and up.

Transient hangars start at $50.00 per night.




Tiedowns are available, overnight, short or long-term. $65.00 per month



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