Goodbye LeRoy Airport 5G0: Emergency Procdures
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Antenna 122.8 (Unicom)

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2024
Fuel Type: 100LL
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Airport Services


Emergency Procedures

Airport Address: 8267 E. Main Rd LeRoy NY 14482

If you think there could be a terrorist threat at the airport, contact the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) National Response Center

1-866-GA-SECURE (866-427-3287).


1. Attend to your safety first and that of others if you are able.

2. Call 911 for all emergencies Fire, Medical, Ambulance & Police.

3. Call the FAA Eastern Region Regional Operations Center at: 404-305-5150 24hrs/7 days a week. They will call FAA, NTSB, and communicate with first responders. They will not close the airport.

4. Call Lockheed Martin (NOTAMS): 1-877-487-6867, report "runway Unsafe".

5. Notify Airport Manager/Owner immediately Ray Detor at Cell: 585-259-9308 or Home: 585-244-6017.

6. Do not remove the damaged aircraft from the runway until authorized to do so from the Airport Manager, FAA or NTSB.

7. During the emergency the airport will be considered locked down.

The main vehicle entry gate and pedestrian gate will remain closed and no unauthorized entry. The First Responder Coordination Team will assign a gate guard and allow no one else entry.

  • This includes any tenant that had not already entered the airport premises prior to lockdown.
  • Entry permission will be coordinated between the Airport Manager and the First Responders team.

Authorized agencies with codes include police departments, ambulance, fire departments and emergency equipment.

Authorized agencies without codes include FAA, NTSB, DEC.

8. Media will receive a press release from the airport manager on request, as soon as practicable.


9.In the event of a 911 system failure the numbers below can be utilized:

Village of LeRoy Dispatch: 585-768-2527
Genesee County Sheriff: 585-343-5000
New York State Police (Batavia): 585-343-2200
Rochester Flight Standards District Office (FSDO): 585-436-3880
Rochester Tower 585-463-3822


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