Goodbye LeRoy Airport 5G0: Weather Conditions
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Antenna 122.8 (Unicom)

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2022
Fuel Type: 100LL
Self Serve $6.79
* Based Aircraft eligible for a discount.
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Conditions at the Airport

This image is intended to supplement other flight planning data resources and should be considered only as an aid to awareness of prevailing weather conditions. This information is not intended for use as a primary reference for evaluating weather conditions at the LeRoy airport or any other location and cannot be relied on for flight planning since:

  1. the image may not accurately portray all existing conditions at the LeRoy Airport and surrounding area (examples: wind and gust conditions, ice, runway braking action, ceiling, flight visibility, convective activity, etc).
  2. this currently is not an automated service and is not regularly updated, consequently actual conditions are likely to have changed significantly from the time of the image.

Please see FlightService 1800wxbrief for flight planning and NOTAM information.

5G0 11/27 little wet but not snow!

Camera View 1

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