Goodbye LeRoy Airport 5G0: Airport Projects
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Antenna 122.8 (Unicom)

Last Updated: Jan 09, 2024
Fuel Type: 100LL
Self Serve $6.48
* Based Aircraft eligible for a discount.
Airport Services


LeRoy Aviation Services, Inc. proposes an overall goal of 3.6 percent for its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program for FAA funded projects for federal fiscal years 2023 and 2024. The proposed goal and its rationale are available for inspection during normal business hours at LeRoy Airport, 8267 East Main Road, LeRoy, NY 14482. Comments on the goal will be accepted by LeRoy Aviation Services, Inc., 283 Westminster Road, Rochester, NY 14607 and the FAA Office of Civil Rights, FAA Southern Regional Office, 1701 Columbia Ave., College Park, GA 30337.

Front Hangar Replacement Project

Work began on replacing the front hangar in August 2020. This new building will provide a great deal of usable hangar space.

The Old Building:

  • The Front Building on Route 5 at the airport (above) will be removed in the next several weeks as permits allow.
  • We have received a New York State Grant. (89% State and 11% Le Roy Airport)
  • The Pedestrian gate will be out of service until completion and all exits and entry's will take place at the Main Vehicle Gate.
    • Remember the Vehicle Gate dose not have any automatic STOPS for PEOPLE, CHILDREN, or PETS, (unlike your garage door if it's code compliant) once the gate is in motion it will not stop except if a car/truck is on the open and close loops.
    Old Front Hangar Photo
  • The building currently is 50' wide X 140' long with a 20" foot wide X 140" foot long lean-to.
  • Currently there are two 20' wide X 10' high manual pull up doors
  • The reason for the upgrade many but look at the picture.
  • The building is to narrow to accommodate aircraft and the door entry way height only 10' feet your beacon!
  • Old Front Hangar Demolition

    Old Front Hangar Almost Gone  
    Old Front Hangar Almost Gone
    New building under construction.
    New building under construction.
    New building under construction.
    New building under construction.

The New Building:

  • The new building will be a clear span 70' feet wide X 140' feet long X 19"feet high.
  • There will be two 45' foot wide X 15' foot high Schweiss Bi-Fold doors one on the East end of the building and one on the west end of the building.
  • 1 man door in each bi-fold door.
  • And a two separate personnel doors, one East, one West.
  • There will be windows on the south side of the building for air flow, natural sun light and natural heat.

The Engineering Firm: Passero Associatesof Rochester NY
The Electrical Contractor: Gilligan Electric of Le Roy NY
The General Contractor: Spoleta Constructionof Rochester NY

Parallel Taxiway ALPHA rehabilitation this June 2021 weather permitting

Hello Pilots Airport Taxiway ALPHA improvements taking place!

  • Parallel Taxiway ALPHA rehabilitation is scheduled for Tuesday June 8th through Thursday June 10th, 2021 starting at 08:00 am each day, weather permitting. The project will include: Crack Repair and Pavement Sealing with Pavement Markings. This will include the full length of the Parallel Taxiway ALPHA for runways 10 and 28 and its intersections, (West to East) BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA, and ECHO.

  • There will be one day of runway closure on Tuesday June 8th which will take place from 8:am-2:pm local time.

  • All hold short lines will be removed and re-striped after sealer has cured properly......USE CAUTION.

  • The intent is to Rehabilitate the Parallel Taxiway with a minimal number of delays to the airport and depending -area closures may be as little as 3 hours. Traffic flow: bellow is a phasing map however this can vary ...our goal will be to get as much done as quickly as possible. On June 8th: Intersection of Taxiway Charlie and to the EAST end of ALPHA will be closed.

  • This will leave WEST of intersection Charlie to the WEST end of ALPHA available for taxi including Bravo intersection, and Bravo extension (the curved extension that runs in front of office to old hangars and fuel pumps via taxiway Charlie).

  • On day two WEST of Taxiway intersection Charlie and to the WEST end of ALPHA will be closed This will leave Taxiway Charlie and East to the departure end of 28 available to taxi with connectors Charlie, Delta, and Echo available for ingress egress from to ALPHA and Runway 10 and Runway 28 operations.

  • Please minimize back taxing full length of Runway, use available connectors that are open to keep free of runway and please announce your intentions on 122.8.

  • Check NOTAMS and schedule may change due to weather...our RAIN dates are any dates up through including June 15th.

Picture below was taken October 2010, and at the end of ALPHA reading for takeoff runway 28 is Bill Price in his Pa-24!

Proposal A & B Drawing

5G0 Photo by Bill Price

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