Goodbye LeRoy Airport 5G0: Winter Operations
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Antenna 122.8 (Unicom)

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2023
Fuel Type: 100LL
Self Serve $6.79
* Based Aircraft eligible for a discount.
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Winter Operations 2022-2023

  • Please remove salt blocks from your vehicle when entering the gate. As you drive and or park your car salt blocks may fall off your vehicle causing dangerous conditions for yours and others props. A prop strike into this hard matter is enough to require an engine tear down. Should salt blocks fall off please toss salt blocks clear off taxiways and ramps.
  • When arriving and or departing the airport PLEASE: verify the outside bathroom door, and office door are closed, Vehicle gate closes all the way.
  • If you are at or near 5G0 and would like to give a snow report Please and Thank You!
  • If you utilize the office, please make sure heat is at 60 when departing, and the inside office bathroom door is left open.
  • During the winter months if you come out alone...bring a cell phone and warm gear in case you get stuck and need help! Let friends/family know when to expect you home!
  • Possibly need help getting your aircraft in or out on the ice give a call don't fall!
  • YAKTRACKS ...They will help keep you on your feet on that black ice! If you do not own a pair now please consider buying them for yourself and friends that fly often with you! They may be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Remember to remove them before stepping on concrete or getting into your aircraft!
  • Always "PREFLIGHT" your bi-fold door before sure cables all attached, not worn...all cables in their spools, no fraying! Your Bi-Fold door's may freeze to the ground!...when lifting the door please listen to the motor..if their is a straining sound STOP! Return the door to locked position, get a shovel and manually break loose snow/ice or cables will stretch/or motor burn Ray.
  • Always open the Bi-Fold door at least halfway before closing....otherwise the door may not come down all the way.....always preflight your cables.
  • HEATERS...only approved heaters, (Tanis,Reiff heaters or natural gas installed professionally) Propane heaters outside only! Please do not leave any external heating source unattended! Keep all combustibles away from all heating sources. Remember, its not just your airplane that may go up in flames!
  • The vehicle road ..... will remain usable, however, that is the last area that gets plowed. Caution using this road in the Winter it has unforgiving slopes especially when coated with ice!
  • Please do not drive on any taxiways or runways!
  • Remember, this might be a good time to make sure your C02 detector is working or new and your winterization plate as recommended by the Aircraft and engine manufacturer.
  • Lastly, please do not store your car in the hangar as the salt is not only a hazard to the hangar floors but to your aircraft.

Thank You and have a wonderful Winter of Flying!

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